Title Insurance and Escrow Services

Why Waterstone?

When you immerse yourself into a clear river or ocean besieged with water stones at your feet, you are immediately captivated by how smooth and almost silk like these stones feel beneath your feet.

Forged over millennia, the water stone represents the tranquil perfection resulting from moving water over once jagged-rocks. Each stone, carefully aligned in the water to support your feet as you wade across the calm waters.

Our title and escrow services are intended to be as smooth and supportive as the water stone beneath your feet. We provide our clients with the absolute premium in title services to ensure the purchase or sale of your property is as smooth as the water stones beneath your feet.

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Escrow Services

When you purchase real estate, you want to make sure your deposit is safeguarded. You also want to make sure your funds are correctly handled and processed. Our escrow services offer you full visibility and the peace of mind knowing that your funds are fully protected,.

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Title Insurance and Closing Services

We conduct thorough title searches, tax and lien searches and public record services to ensure your property is free of any encumbrances that may interfere with your property ownership.

We offer owner and mortgage insurance policies to protect you in the event an unknown issue arises which impacts your property ownership.

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Through our parent company Bennett Law we provide legal advice to our clients concerning both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

These services include, lease negotiations, lease drafting and reviews, mortgage reviews, home owner association document reviews and services to correct any defect in title.

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